Gary Wheeler: Current Events

Blind Petition concert with W.A.S.P.
Blind Petition will be playing live at the Gasometer in Vienna on 02 December! Here, Gary and the band will share the stage with the legendary American heavy metal band W.A.S.P. which is currently on their European tour following the release of their album Babylon last year. Supporting these 2 big names will be yet a 3rd band called Shadow Side which is travelling all the way from Brazil. Tickets plus more info is available on

Watch the "Unknowing Heart" video!
The music video for "Unknowing Heart", the 6th song on Gary's solo album Trivial Slushy Vintage, is now on Youtube for you to watch! Click here and enjoy.

New Blind Petition concerts for Summer 2009!
Blind Petition will be playing at 4 concerts scheduled so far this summer in Austria.
05 June - Schützen
03 July - Szene in Vienna
22 August - Donnerskirchen in Burgenland - together with Opus!
25 September - GMD in Graz, Steiermark

New photos added from the 2008 AustroRock Festival
Blind Petition played live at the 2008 AustroRock Festival in October, and now the photos from that concert have been added to the site. You can see them here.

New photos added from Blind Xmas 2008
You can now find photos from the Blind Petition Christmas show at the Szene in Vienna in the gallery.

Blind Petition live at the Gasometer photos added!
Blind Petition recently played at the opening of the new Gasometer venue in Vienna, with opening act Gary Howard from The Flying Pickets. Gary Howard also sang backing vocals with Gary Wheeler during the Blind Petition set! Photos from this concert are now online here for your viewing pleasure. There are also a few new photos online from the band's concert at Rockhaus Forever from May.

Stahlhammer announces their first concert in the USA!
Stahlhammer will cross the Atlantic for the very first time in 2009 to play the Thunder of Gods Festival near Austin, Texas! The festival goes on for 3 days, May 8 - 10, and will feature dozens of metal and hard rock bands. Visit or the festival website for complete details.

Gary's new solo album "Back to the Rock" coming soon!
"Back to the Rock" is the name of the new Gary Wheeler solo album, and it will be arriving in October 2008. Stay tuned for more details as the release date approaches!

New Blind Petition concerts and videos!
Blind Petition will play 2 concerts in the coming months. First, they will play at the opening of the new Gasometer venue in Vienna on September 13th. Second, the band will play at the Austrorock Festival 2008 on October 3rd and 4th, along with bands Alkbottle, No Bros, and many more. The venue is located in Knittelfeld, Styria, in Austria. Visit the festival online at

You can now watch Blind Petition's video for "Bloody Reunion" on Youtube! Just click here to see it. There's also a number of older Blind Petition videos: "Maybe This Time" from 1992, "Shoot 'n' Kill" TV performance from 1990, and Gary's solo song "Freedom Calls".

Bloody Reunion chronology page created
Gary is back with Blind Petition, and we have added the Bloody Reunion page in the Chronology section since the album is now in stores. You can also read the album reviews in the Media page.

New Blind Petition album and preview concert!
Blind Petition will be releasing their new album Bloody Reunion on October 29! It will be released on CD and double-vinyl with 11 tracks, in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

01. Bloody Reunion
02. Aces
03. Celebs
04. Ain't Going to Sleep
05. Even A Soldier
06. Speed It Up
07. Wasted
08. Number One
09. The Big Things
10. Follow the Rules
11. Good Under Me

The band will also play a test-show on September 29th somewhere in Vienna, but the location is still a secret. We will announce the exact location a few days in advance of the concert.

Blind Petition album "Bloody Reunion" complete!
The recording process for the new Blind Petition album has been completed! There is no release date yet, but it will be announced here soon, so stay tuned. Blind Petition is also working on the video for the first single of the new album.

Blind Petition will also be playing the Wiener Donauinselfest 2007! More info at

Gary Wheeler re-joins Blind Petition
Gary is back with his old band Blind Petition to record a new album with the working title "Bloody Reunion"! The band's first new concert with their classic singer will be on 23 June at the Wiener Donauinselfest 2006. They will also play the Metalcamp Festival in Slovenia with Dimmu Borgir. Blind Petition enjoyed wide success and popularity within Europe during the late 80s and early 90s when Gary was their frontman the first time, and should be expected to make a comeback.

Gary's new solo album
Gary Wheeler's new solo album, "Trivial Slushy Vintage", has just been released on July 14th, 2006. The album is on the Def-Dick label and will be distributed by Soulfood Music Distribution.

Stahlhammer's 6th longplayer
The new Stahlhammer album "Opera Noir" is out now! The album is now available to buy direct from the official Store, along with many other Stahlhammer CDs. More information and updates about the band can be found at the official Stahlhammer website:

Click here to buy Gary's new solo album Trivial Slushy Vintage at!


Click here to buy Trivial Slushy Vintage from the Store!