Gary Wheeler's Biography

Gary Wheeler is a professional musician living near Vienna, Austria. Although he is skilled in many areas, the majority of his talents are focused on his work as a singer. Gary's towering physical presence and elaborate stage acts have also helped to make him a larger-than-life frontman for many successful bands.

Gary's musical career officially started in 1981 with the release of a single called "Song of Tears" with his first band, Blowin' Free. The band went on to release three full length albums with Gary as frontman, until he left the band after the 1986 LP "The Knife and the Floosie". Gary performed on a few smaller projects during the next few years and then found a new band. Blind Petition released their first album with Gary as singer in 1988, entitled "Perversum Maximum". The band released a total of four albums with Gary, and has appeared on several compilations. Blind Petition remains successful today, thanks in part to Gary's early work with them.

In 1995, Gary performed his vocals in German for the very first time on Stahlhammer's debut album, "Killer Instinkt". Despite the success of the album, Gary left the band for a few years and released an album with his side-project band Stalynn. However, Gary made a triumphant return to Stahlhammer for the 2002 release "Eisenherz", and has remained with the band to this day. Stahlhammer has produced 2 more albums since that time, "Stahlmania" and "Opera Noir", both of which feature Gary playing guitar as well as his usual vocal role.

Currently, Gary is working on the release of his newest solo album, which will be called "Slush". Only time will tell what new projects Gary will work on, but the future of his musical career looks bright.

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